About Us

Who Are We?

Founded in 2017, The Tyrian Bullet Club [TBC] is a guild based in the Arenanet game Guild Wars 2. We pride ourselves providing a safe and inclusive forum in which gamers can find a welcoming community. The [TBC] members play multiple games and stream together, in addition to actively fundraising for causes that strike near and dear to our hearts: cancer, disabilities, LGBTQIA+, etc.  We are on the NA servers and are pve-based.


Our members all hail from various backgrounds and locations


Our love of gaming is what helps bring us all together, allowing us to maintain an atmosphere of informality


Need help with a story quest, dungeon, or build? We are always happy to help our fellow members, and even non-members! Reach out on our discord or in Guild Chat

The Tyrian Bullet Club started out as a response to the in-game elitism that was beginning to grow rampant across Guild Wars 2. [TBC] was originally a themed guild, hoping to bring more love to the widely-neglected gunslingers. But, we also wanted to do something big, something meaningful and impactful. The month of October quickly became our time to shine–we held a Stroll in Pink, a Stroll in Black, and the first Night of the Necromancers.  The Tyrian Bullet Club wasn’t supposed to be just a bunch of gamers playing a game together. We wanted a family, and we made one. So, the original 4 members started branching out, offering a home to anyone else who needed one. A family for rebels, for outcasts.

Tyrian Bullet Club