TBC Manifesto

        We, the Membership of the Tribe of gamers known as TBC,

Upon observing the current state ofthe world in which we live, the state of the personalities that intend on driving it further into madness, and the ever growing need for an active and progressive change for the betterment of all the inhabitants of our world, TBC has come to the following decision. This is our manifesto.

TBC’s origins and raison d’ĂȘtre have been clear from the very beginning:

1.  We intend on providing a safe haven for all persons, regardless of differences, without discrimination or hatred of any kind.

2. We intend on providing an active community using effective communication in aspects of both gaming and real-world issues with relation to problem solving and assistance to others.

3. We intend to provide charity fundraising efforts to non-profit organizations that actively reach out to assist individuals that are living with diseases such as cancer, alzheimers, mental illness, and physical disabilities.

4. We intend to actively promote and support LGBTQIA+ rights and protect the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth and adults alike.

5.We intend to actively communicate with each other on a regular basis, through gaming, camaradarie, and sharing of our lives free from fear,  so that we may collectively grow, progress, and evolve into better indivduals.  This also includes, but is not limited to, content creation for games, gaming in general, art, music, movies, politics, etc.

Our  4 Basic rules of TBC are basic rules of life. they will not be broken.

1. No elitism. If we see it you’re gone.

2. Be an active participant and contribute to the community as a whole or do not be part of it.

3. Do not disrespect anyone on any channel for any reason.

4. Do not use, infer, or imply the N word or any other form of hatespeech or derogatory language. Period.

Tyrian Bullet Club