Charity Events

[TBC] hosts multiple fundraisers throughout the year, to help those who need it. Look below to see some of our upcoming charity events! All of our charity fundraisers are currently managed by Tiltify. Tiltify maintains donation documents and secure payment for anyone wishing to safely donate to online charity events. We have also established a collective for our streamers, TBC Stream Team, to be able to offer multiple streams and events supporting our ongoing fundraisers.

TBC takes over Drizzlewood Coast for Able Gamers

Be sure to join TBC on September 17th as we take over Drizzlewood Coast as we raise funds for Able Gamers

Stroll in Pink

TBC, the Tyrian Bullet Club, will Be Hosting “a stroll in the pink” On October 3rd starting at 12 noon CST on NA servers at the Black Citadel. this walk is in dedication to all the men, women, children, and furry children that have passed from the Many Horrific Forms of Cancer, and those that are fighting to survive today. All Races, All classes, and All players are welcome to attend, as this is a celebration of the lives we have lost and the lives that we are still fighting for.

TBC takes over Drizzlewood Coast

On October 15th, at 5pm CST, TBC will be converging upon The Drizzlewood Coast for an all out assault on Jormag and Thier Frost Legion Soldiers! this event will push throughout the evening until midnight. This is a great way to farm those map currencies and materials and yes, our experienced commanders will keep the map Hyped during each round!

Stroll in Black

On October 17th, Starting At 12 noon CST, and possibly again later that evening, TBC will be conducting a Stroll in the Black, an event that will Start at Metrica Province and will conclude at the Black Citadel. This Particular walk will conduct a memorial service for those that have fallen this year due to cancer, and covid19. We ask that during the ceremony that respect be given to those that have lost and those that continue to fight.

Night of the Necromancers

Night of the Necromancers is an annual Guild Wars 2 Halloween charity event hosted by Tyrian Bullet Club [TBC]. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer while also gathering together as a community for a night of fun, games, prizes, and lots and lots of necros! This event is the largest gathering of necros in GW2 history, and we try to beat our record every year. All necros are welcome, from level 1 to 80, speced as vanilla necro, reaper, or scourge; but please don’t bring other classes as this is a necro-only event. So get your necro ready to join us for a night of festivities leading up to the grand finale, a necrotic invasion of Orr.

We hope to see you there!

Tyrian Bullet Club