Able Gamers

TBC takes over Drizzlewood Coast for Able Gamers

Be sure to join TBC on September 17th as we take over Drizzlewood Coast as we raise funds for Able Gamers

TBC invited everyone to join us as we took over the Drizzlewood Coast as a part of our campaing for AbleGamers. The event was held on 9/17/20 at 6pm CST on the NA servers. This was an ongoing event throughout the evening as members of TBC helped guide players through the Drizzlewood South and North Meta Chains, collecting loot along the way and helping to find those pesky mastery points.

This event was streamed live on Twitch under the title “TBC Takes Over Drizzlewood” in the streamer description. Each of the team members who streamed with this title helped to raise funds for Ablegamers.

Ablegamers is an organization that helps provide individuals with disabilities with tools and equipment so they can enjoy gaming to the same degree as everyone else. We were not spamming map chat. As such, there were only two ways to support this fundraiser: at each member’s respective streams or at the link below.

TBC Gaming for Ablegamers

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