Night of the Necromancers

Night of the Necromancers

Night of the Necromancers is an annual Guild Wars 2 Halloween charity event hosted by Tyrian Bullet Club [TBC]. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer while also gathering together as a community for a night of fun, games, prizes, and lots and lots of necros! This event is the largest gathering of necros in GW2 history, and we try to beat our record every year. All necros are welcome, from level 1 to 80, speced as vanilla necro, reaper, or scourge; but please don’t bring other classes as this is a necro-only event. So get your necro ready to join us for a night of festivities leading up to the grand finale, a necrotic invasion of Orr.

We hope to see you there!


Mad King Says
Time TBD

What better way to kick off the event than with a round of Mad King Says? Gather by the Grand Piazza in Lion’s Arch to begin our night of necromancy.

Fashion Contest
6p CST

Who’s the most stylish necro in all of Tyria? Come dressed your best for the fashion contest and find out if it’s you! (no outfits allowed)

Costume Brawl Mosh Pit
5:30p CST

Hop in the ring to whomp, pow, and whack your way to victory. Anyone knocked out is eliminated, last one standing wins!

All Pink Fashion Contest
8p CST

Who says necros can’t wear pink? Show us your best all-pink look to support breast cancer awareness (no outfits allowed).

Grenth Says
8:30p CST

It’s like Mad King Says, but with a necromantic twist! Use your necro skills when instructed, but ONLY if Grenth says so (only vanilla necro skills will be used, so all can join in).

Labyrinth of Necromancers
ongoing throughout event

An all necro lab farm squad will be listed in LFG throughout the night, up until the memorial walk.

Hide’n’Go Seek
ongoing throughout event

Multiple times throughout the night there will be someone hiding in Lion’s Arch, with hints to their location announced in map chat. Be the first to find them to win a prize!

ongoing throughout event

Throughout the night trivia questions will be asked in map chat. The first person to correctly answer wins a prize!

Memorial Walk
Time TBD

We will be doing a memorial walk starting at Lion’s Arch and ending at the temple to Grenth in Lornar’s Pass. Once there we will have a moment of silence for friends and loved ones who have been lost to cancer.

March on Orr
9p CST

The night will wrap up with a necrotic invasion of Orr! We’ll blaze though all three Orr maps, doing events, moving the meta along, and killing everything in our path. The night will end once we reach the Temple of Grenth in Cursed Shore, where the winners of the raffle will be announced.

Tyrian Bullet Club