Night of the Necromancers History

Night of the Necromancers is an annual, community-wide, guild sponsored event held at Lion’s Arch on the evening of 31 October on the NA server. It is the largest gathering of Necromancers in Guild Wars 2, and is held in conjunction with a fundraiser for cancer research through Tiltify.


  • October 2018
    • Early October–the then fledgling guild Tyrian Bullet Club decided to do a fundraiser for cancer research, given that no one is immune and everyone has lost someone to cancer.
    • October 13, 2018–[TBC] sponsored two Strolls in Pink, and populated them via the LFG. Participants in the Strolls were asked to wear pink. The stroll took a meandering route from The Black Citadel to Rata Sum. Beginning with about 10 players, the Strolls ended with two full squads and over 100 players all marching together wearing pink. The Stroll events raised $1,135 USD for the American Cancer Society through streamers participating in the events via Twitch.
    • October 19, 2018–[TBC] sponsored a third Stroll in Pink that included a memorial service in Gendarran Fields for those fallen to cancer. An additional $800 USD was raised for the American Cancer Society from players, and those watching the streams, via Twitch.
    • October 20, 2018–[TBC] held a guild meeting to develop a plan to raise more money for the American Cancer Society that would be in keeping with the Samhain/Mad King/Halloween theme. The plan included securing a low population map of Lion’s Arch and filling it with Necromancers. Games, a race, Labyrinth run squads, anda a Fashion Wars event were planned with prizes, culminating in a march to Cursed Shore, “The Invasion of Orr.” It was coordinated with the Temple of Grenth meta and the whole event was officially dubbed “Night of the Necromancers.”
    • October 22-30, 2018–[TBC] members farmed gold, built and acquired prizes, and promoted the event, including donated advertising on PhoenixRadioFM, as well as Twitch streamers to broadcast it.
    • October 31, 2018–At 4pm EST, the first Night of the Necromancers officially launched.

The First Night of the Necromancers

The event initially opened with 25 necromancers and within 30 minutes there were 100. At the one hour mark, we had reached 175 necromancers within Lion’s Arch and the lag storm had begun. Squads were formed for Labyrinth runs to make room for more Necromancers. When the Lion’s Arch population was finally capped, there were approximately 250 Necromancers, Reapers, and Scourges participating.

When it came time for The Invasion of Orr, 175 necromancers filled our squads, and an additional 25 joined us as we left Lion’s Arch. At blinding speed, the army of Necromancers ran across Tyria, wiping out everything in their path. Upon reaching the Straits of Devastation, the map locked. By the time the squads reached Cursed Shore, they were divided over two maps, minis were removed, and minions put away. Scouts assisted in timing the arrival for the Temple of Grenth meta, and the command was given via map and squad chats to CHARGE! The meta was conquered within seconds.

At the end of the Temple of Grenth meta, a random drawing was held among those who had donated to The American Cancer Society via the [TBC] link. The prizes: the Legendary Greatsword Twilight, as well as it’s precursor, Dusk.

  • 2019
    • The Strolls in Pink, a Stroll in Black, and Night of the Necromancers were held in 2019, with similar success.

  • February 2020
    • [TBC] began farming and building every Legendary weapon available to Necromancers.
  • August 2020
    • The Legendary farm was completed. The TBC Stream Team was created for Twitch streamers who wished to participate in charity fundraising events, with donations made via Tiltify.
  • October 2020
    •  October 3, 2020–Stroll in Pink
    • October 15, 2020–TBC Takes over Drizzlewood Coast
    • October 17, 2020–Stroll in Black
    • October 24, 2020–Witcherverse DnD Special
    • October 29, 2020–Cosplay in the Grove
    • October 31, 2020–Night of the Necromancers 2020– This was a smashing success! Maxing out at 90 necromancers in one instance, we may not have beaten our record but we were able to bring our total amount of funds raised for the American Cancer Society to $1,537!

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