TBC Strikes Back Against Cancer

In the long battle against cancer, TBC encourages each and every one of us to FIGHT LIKE HELL this October as we work to help the American Cancer Society rid the world of cancer. Will you fight with us? Our campaign for this fundraiser lasts all month and features streams from multiple members as well as many events. There will be multiple Strolls and we will take over The Drizzlewood Coast. This month-long campaign will culminate in our biggest night of the year on October 31st, Night of the Necromancers! This event is the largest gathering of necros in GW2 history, and we try to beat our record every year. All necros will be welcome, from level 1 to 80, speced as vanilla necro, reaper, or scourge; but please don’t bring other classes as this is a necro-only event.

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